Technology Due Diligence at AISBACH Data Solutions

In an age where technology is the backbone of virtually every business, understanding the ins and outs of a company's tech landscape becomes paramount. At AISBACH Data Solutions, we stand at the forefront of this reality, offering Technology Due Diligence (Tech DD) that goes beyond the surface to thoroughly dissect and understand the intricate web of technological capabilities, assets, and potential that companies possess.

Our approach is not just about ticking boxes; it's a deep dive into the digital pulse of the business, ensuring that our clients make informed decisions rooted in a comprehensive grasp of technological health and readiness.

Whether it's for investors on the cusp of a major decision or companies seeking to enhance their tech stature, our Tech DD serves as the critical lens through which the technical future of a business can be accurately assessed and strategically planned.

AISBACH builds custom AI and data solutions as a service for clients.

We rely on our Talent Pool to source skilled software developers for the implementation of client-projects.

Introduction to Technology Due Diligence

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Our Talent Pool unites a select group of highly talented individuals in the fields of AI, Software and Data Engineering, who have amassed a wealth of hands-on professional experience early in their careers, even before graduating.


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admission rate, un-diluted and exclusive to AI-Software Engineers


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Implement AI/Data solutions for clients in teams of 2-4 talents, over multiple weeks/months




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payment upon success-ful project completion

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Remote, Agile, asynchronous

Lead Client Projects

Convert your personal contacts to companies into AISBACH-clients and lead resulting projects




profit share of overall project-earnings, in the 4-digit Euro range


all perks of standard client project-work

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Lead teams of 2-4 developers

Our Recruiting Process

Our Recruiting Process

FAQ - Talent Pool Membership

FAQ - Talent Pool Membership

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